понедельник, 3 декабря 2018 г.

Team BELARUS FIRST global 2018

We are team of  regular teenagers, gathered by one common thing - robotics. We like engineering, programming, also we like solving nonstandard complex problems, like designing robot for performing a certain tasks. Every member of our team has his own duties and plays his own role.
Vladimir Sanko studies in Gymnasium #20 . He is the leading programmer in the team. So if we need to program the robot, he can easily write a few lines of code for us.
Max Shpileuski is a student of Lyceum of BSU. He has more experience in designing and building robots, than all of us. His mind is full of crazy ideas, that he always is ready to realize. 
Maxim Klimovich studies in the Lyceum of BSU, he is 17 y.o. and he is the most creative programmer of our team. When our team gets stuck at one place – Maxim always has an idea.
Eugen Hovor studies in one of the high schools in our capital. He is a newbie in FGC sphere, but he is the most enthusiastic engineer in our team and very quickly learning new things.
Alexander Kulsha is the team captain. He manages team work, makes decisions and do other duties that captain should do.
Mr. Alexander Frantskevich team mentor Belarus and Mr. Igor Shevchenko team manager. Without them, our team would not be able to move forward. They will always support us in the most difficult situations.
The First Global Challenge for us  is a way to improve our skills, get new knowledges and valuable experience. We have took part in the FGC in Washington DC, and we hope to achieve higher results this year. We are looking forward to meet other teams in Mexico city and we are very pleasant to be part of this great competition. This is a honored role to represent our country at the FGC. We hope not only  to spend good time, but also to become known as smart and talented people. We would like to wish all teams good luck and a lot of fun! 
See you soon at the FIRST GLOBAL CHALLENGE 2018!

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